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Great Scott, another visitor!

Ahoy there! It is I, Professor Quantum! Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.

According to my data you’re viewing this in the 21st century, how quaint! I love the 21st century. In fact, I spend a lot of time in the 21st century running bus tours in London.

Or should that be ‘spent’, being that I’m from what you would consider the future? Actually, I’m writing this on my laptop in the early 1800s, so maybe that should be ‘will spend’...

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes! My bus tour!

Now where did I put my pitch... Ahem:

Time Tours is an informative, fun and friendly bus tour for the discerning traveler. You'll be visiting all the major sites of London, and learning about the history of this fine city from a well-traveled, knowledgeable and handsome tour guide. But it's not like any other bus tour in London! Comedy and fun is what makes my tour totally different. And we do it all in a classic 1960s Routemaster, tweaked here and there to synchronise with my patented time traveling technology.

That’s right, my London tour bus holds more than your crude internal combustion technology underneath its shiny black hood, but I really can’t say more about that, I get carried away and I tell people from the past about future technologies and...


My apparatus is telling me I’ve said too much already, and the integrity of the future-present has been seriously undermined by the timespace hyperplosions caused by my unmodulated cross-temporal broadcast! This is going to take all afternoon to fix!

Well, I best pop back to 2744 and see what I can do about this time paradox then. It is kind of your fault though, so perhaps you should come on one of my tours to make it up to me?

You can learn more about the tour here, or you could just book now.

the-london-time-tour-busHappy Daysslider-4The London Time Tour BusThe Flux Capacitor

“We loved it, the kids loved it”

- Alternative London Bus Tours



The London Time Tour Bus is London’s alternative sightseeing tour – a time travel journey around the city. Join one of Professor Quantum’s theatrical comedy as you are taken on a voyage around London’s famous sites aboard a classic 1960s Routemaster bus, sharing the time travelling Professor’s knowledge of the past, present and future. Ideal for a fun day out and suitable for all ages, The London Time Tour Bus is an entertaining and educational sightseeing trip around the ancient city of London, combined with live theatrics, an air of mystery and an insightful look into the capital’s rich history.

”The Professor’s knowledge, quirkiness and sense of comedy bring history alive”

- T.E.S. (Times Educational Supplement)

The Professor’s incredible double-decker bus (a time travel machine built with parts gathered from the Victorian era to the distant future and installed into a 1960′s Routemaster) is now blackened from the general wear and tear of time travel and the gathering of black hole star soot. With the addition of video cameras, tele-visual plasma screens, a time phone to speak in real time to famous historical figures and a very special driver, the Professor is set up to guide you through the beating heart of London. Once the time alternator is warmed up, get ready for the tour of all time. The question is, when do you want to go?

”What better way to learn about the capital than from a man who has seen it all”

- London Calling


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£4 can be purchased at the bus stop