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Houses Of Parliament

Behold the seat of British democracy! Bowed but unbroken throughout the ages, The Houses of Parliament have weathered countless storms, from The Gunpowder Plot to The Expenses Scandal.

Westminister Abbey

Resting place to the likes of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, the Abbey is also a popular royal wedding venue.

Downing Street

The storied street of Number 10, London’s premier hot property. Keep an eye out and you might see the PM making a cup of tea or having an orange.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Sitting at the top of Ludgate Hill, the distinctive dome of St Paul’s has been an iconic part of the London skyline for 300 years.

The Tower of London

Former royal home and notorious political prison, not to mention the site of many a famous beheading.

Tower Bridge

Behold the famous raising bridge! Built in the late 19th century, Tower Bridge has become a symbol of London throughout the world.

London Bridge

One of London’s oldest fixtures, with a history dating back to the old Roman river crossings. Also the subject of my third favourite nursery rhyme.

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