Old London

See Every Major Landmark In The Zaniest City of London Tour Around!

Time Tours takes you on a time travelling adventure! We explore some of the most famous landmarks in England’s Capital for the definitive City of London tour with the undisputed master of time, Professor Quantum.

Old London is famous the world over as the bastion of Britishness and the home of history. Jump aboard the Time Tour for a crash course into the often zany, sometimes scurrilous but always brilliant history of the buildings and people that made Old London what it is today.

Professor Quantum, our very own time master, leads the tour in the hilariously unpredictable manner that he has become famous for. Unfortunately, it was made illegal to offer tours of the future to 21st century residents by the Lords of The High Temporal Council back in 2159, but Professor Quantum can take you back in time!

So, whilst he can’t take you with him whenever he travels back home to the future capital of Neo-Europe, he’d love to show you around Old London.

Our London landmark tour promises to show you all the sights of old London with a qualified, knowledgeable and theatrical tour guide. His time travelling tour bus comes equipped with a genuine, functioning time phone that allows you to communicate with the famous figures of history, giving you an insight into the history of the great landmarks of London like no other tour can.

Oh wait, what’s that Professor? Hyper-disruptive time stream fluctuations have been detected, and the only way to repair the damage to the future is for lots of people to take your London landmark tour?

Book now! The structural integrity of the timeline depends on it!

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