Strap In For A History Tour of London That You’ll Never Forget!

Time Tours is a fun-for-all ages bus tour through London on a scientifically souped-up London Routemaster.

Join our zany Professor and quantum leap through London’s history!

Time Tours is the most intriguing, exciting, hilarious and pioneering bus tour in London. Step aboard the Time Tour Bus for a crash course in the history of some of London’s most famed landmarks by the Titan Temporal himself: Professor Quantum.

It must be the most scientifically improbable history tour London has to offer!

And now, Quanto’ has been so good as to prepare a statement for our readers:


“I’ve tried other history tours, but for all their passion for the past, they inevitably remain hopelessly fixed to the present day.

The fools!

Do they not know that London is built in an area of hyper-low temporal field viscosity, and that it only takes a little bit of technical know-how, some semi-legitimately acquired near-future technology and a 1960s Routemaster to part the curtains of time for good and gaze back into the beating heart of history?


No. For they are not Professor Quantum, Captain of The Infinities and Admiral of Forever!”


Brilliant. Thanks for that Q.

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