Time tour

Time Twisting Bus Tours In London!

Great Scott, another visitor!

Ahoy reader! It is I, Professor Quantum! Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.

According to my data you’re viewing this in the 21st century, how quaint! I love the 21st century. In fact, I spend a lot of time in the 21st century running bus tours in London.

Now where did I put my pitch… Ahem:

Time Tours is an informative, fun and friendly bus tour for the discerning traveller. You’ll see all the major sites of London, and learning about the history of this fine city from a well-traveled, knowledgeable and handsome tour guide. But it’s not like any other bus tour in the city! Comedy and fun is what makes my tour totally different. And we do it all in a classic 1960s Routemaster, tweaked here and there to synchronise with my patented time traveling technology.

So don’t wallow in ignorance forever, sweet reader! Book now, and let the Titan Temporal take you on a journey through time and space!

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