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The Clever Choice For London School Trips

Hey there teachers!

My good pal Professor Quantum has written something, just for you:


“Struggling for school trip ideas? Stuck for inspiration, surrounded by tedious textbooks and colourless curricula?

Fear not, fellow educators! Professor Quantum is here!

I am here to educate, inspire and to set your minds afire; with knowledge, that is!

If you’re tearing your hair out trying to come up with new and inventive ways to satisfy the insatiable curiosity of your pupils, then look no further.

Step aboard Professor Quantum’s patented Time Tours, the finest educational tours this side of the 29th century!”


That’s right readers, Time Tours is a fun-for-all-ages romp through London’s history, perfect for a family outing, and one of the best places for school trips London has to offer!

Our time travelling tour guide will show you around all the famous sights of London, and his burgeoning brainbox holds all the facts. Want to know how the history of St Paul’s Cathedral? Teaching your class about life in Roman Britain? How about The Great Fire of London?

Then why not find out from the man who has himself walked in the myriad footprints of history? Professor Quantum’s Time Tours will fill your brains with knowledge and your hearts with glee!

Entertaining and educational in equal measure, this not-to-be-missed super-tour will feed your mind and tickle your funny bone at the very same time!

So why wait? You can book online, or if you’d like to take your class out on a school trip, please feel free to give us a call on 0844 3187 655, or email us for details on our special school rates.


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