One of The Most Scientifically Awesome Sightseeing Bus Tours London Has Ever Seen!

Affix your eyes to the sky, set your brainboxes to ‘learn’, your phasers to ‘stunned’ and your mobiles to ‘silent’, and enjoy one of the most magnificently mental sightseeing tours London has to offer!

Whether you’re looking to gaze upon the majesty of St Paul’s Cathedral, see the seat of power at the Houses of Parliament, or be awed by the grim and imposing presence of the Tower of London, Time Tours is a loaded cannon of eye-candy for those of you that want their peepers dazzled, their brains bolstered and their funny bone tickled with a 20ft time feather!

Oh sure, there are other sightseeing bus tours in London, but they do tend to stick rather much in the present don’t they?

Not so with Time Tours! Step on board the Professor’s modified Routemaster, and allow him to whisk you around all the major sites of London, and across the very waves of time!

It ain’t no DeLorean, and we won’t be going 88mph, but we will be hitting every important landmark central London has and we’ll be doing it in what can only be described as a 1960s Routemaster modified by a gender-swapping* super genius to hold wildly experimental time travelling technology.

If you want to see the sights and you have an appetite for the alternative, Time Tours is right up your street.

“You’d be crazy not to book now, and I know a thing or two about crazy!”
– Professor Quantum


* – The professor might appear to you as a man or a woman on the day of the tour. Without wishing to expose simple 21st century minds to far-flung scientific concepts that they are not yet ready to grapple with, let’s just say the professor dabbles in genome rearrangement research and he doesn’t have any test subjects.

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